How I’ve Made $280k Selling Spreadsheets on Etsy

Emily McDermott
3 min readSep 25, 2022
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In under 2 years, this is my income on Etsy selling spreadsheet templates (Google Sheets + Excel).

And I’m not a spreadsheet expert by any means.

But I do know how to find digital products that are in demand, and will help people to save time on something that would typically take them much longer to do.

I haven’t seen a lot of people talking about this, so I thought I would share my best tips with you (assuming you’re here to start a new stream of passive income for yourself, which digital products are excellent for):

1. I use eRank to find low competition, high demand keywords on Etsy.

If you’re opening a new shop or if your shop hasn’t had many sales yet, the fastest way to gain traction is by making something a lot of people are searching for…but that not a lot of people are selling yet.

eRank is also super affordable compared to some other Etsy keyword tools, and it really gives you all that you’ll need.

2. Once I have these keywords, I make more than one listing per keyword (this is important!)

Instead of trying to sell just one “bookkeeping template”, for example- I would list a few different variations of one.

This has two purposes.

The first is to test out which one sells the best.

The second is so that when someone searches for “bookkeeping template”, they will see many of my listings, and not one of mine hidden amongst a bunch of others made by other sellers.

3. I keep each template simple and focused on saving people time.

You don’t need to make anything complicated for people to buy it, trust me!

People are searching for a done-for-them spreadsheet because they want to save time on something that would take them longer to do themselves.

People also don’t want to be intimidated by a ton of graphs and places to enter their info. They want to buy it and get something out of it in minutes!

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