How Much Money Can You Actually Make Selling Digital Products on Etsy?

Emily McDermott
5 min readMay 16, 2021
Screenshot of my actual earnings on Etsy in April 2021

The answer will probably surprise you- I know I never thought Etsy would be paying my rent.

But here’s the thing: I’m actually making more than enough to cover my rent.

I’m selling $7,000 worth of digital products a month on the platform.

And it’s essentially all passive income- I’m only putting in a couple of hours of work every week.

When I tell people I have an Etsy shop, they don’t take me seriously. I’m usually confronted with, “okay, but what do you actually do for a living?”

Honestly, I’m surprised more people don’t know the income potential of things like printables, digital planners, resume templates, and social media templates.

I thought I would share my actual earnings on Etsy- and what I did to make that money- so you can decide if setting up a shop is right for you.

How much money can you actually make with digital products on Etsy?

The first month that my shop was open, I earned $700. This was from printable planners and templates- at the time, I had about 30 different products listed.

In the coming months, I really focused on expansion. I ended up with over 90…



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